Verify your product authenticity below.

AuthenticateClaim Rewards

Verify your product authenticity below.

AuthenticateClaim Rewards
Thank you and congratulations for taking the initiative to authenticate your Kingpen. We are dedicated to producing the most premium and pure products, and want your experience to reflect that. Since launching in 2014, Kingpen has been navigating a global counterfeiting issue. This authentication process is the next layer of commitment to our passion and quality control for our products. Here’s to being King.


Get the genuine Kingpen experience you expect. Check the holographic tamper seal for these 3 security features to authenticate your product:

Security Label


Enter the six digit scratch off number, located under the QR code, into the box below to confirm your Kingpen product is authentic.


Serial Location


Enter the scratch off number below and click Check.



Rotate the label one quarter left and right. Do you see the "Genuine" and "Kingpen" text?
Off Angle Text Animation


When you turn the label upside down, does the King vanish?

Find all the security features? If yes, head to to create your King’s Club account and start earning rewards today! Every product registered earns you points toward Kingpen merch!

If you did not find the the above features, have questions or concerns, click HERE to submit a report and we will contact you soon.